Project BlackBird

Started in spring 2018, Project Blackbird is an ongoing project to develop resources to support the development of IT professionalism skills for NSCC IT students. The resources will be used in COMM 1700, 2700, 3700 & 4700. This is a generational organization where generations of students taking on roles in the project and build upon products and applications developed from the previous generations. In time, the Project will need to operate at various levels throughout the year to ensure continuous maintenance of applications.

Digital Negotiator is a web-based card game which is designed to make users interact outside of the game and learn about the IT industry. Players will possess and trade Research cards to complete specific goals represented by Goal Cards.
This website allows students and IT organizations to register for the 2020 IT Job Fair. The website will allow NSCC administration to organize event details and the event schedule. The website will effectively deliver relevant event information to all users.
Expert-Led Learning Agenda(ELLA) is an industry visit scheduler to develop an application that automates the process to enable a member of industry to visit an instructor’s classroom.